Chair’s Message

Welcome to the Department of Biology at Temple University!  We are committed to providing an outstanding educational experience, and supporting diverse research in the biological sciences at the undergraduate and graduate levels.  Whether you are considering a baccalaureate degree or doctoral degree, you will have excellent opportunities to engage in scholarly pursuits and undertake cutting-edge research at all levels of biological organization, from biomolecules and cells to diverse organisms and ecosystems. A baccalaureate degree in Biology from Temple provides a firm stepping-stone for entry into competitive postgraduate programs, including graduate and medical school, or jobs in government and industry. Our graduate students are highly competitive in securing careers in industry, government, and teaching and research at schools, colleges, and universities.

The Department of Biology has a distinguished history of research and education, and currently has over 25 full-time faculty supporting millions of dollars in externally funded research per year. The Biology degree program is the most popular major for undergraduate students in our college, and we also currently have 50 graduate students, 20 research associates or postdoctoral associates, and 23 professional staff members. The department is located in the Biology-Life Sciences Building, which houses state-of-the-art research facilities, and is on the vibrant Temple main campus, immediately north of center city Philadelphia.

I encourage you to further explore what our department and its programs can offer you. I wish you every success in pursuing your career goals, and I hope that Temple Biology will help you attain these goals.

Best wishes,

Allen Nicholson