• Research Assistant Professor
  • PSM in Bioinnovation (candidate)
  • Neurobiology
  • Ph.D.
  • Department of Biology
  • Temple University

Barbara Dangelo


Barbara D'Angelo is a Research Assistant Professor in the Biology Department at Temple University, College of Science & Technology in Philadelphia. Dr. D'Angelo's studies are focused on exploring the role of cell cycle proteins during neuronal differentiation, apoptosis and senescence. For several years, her research has been dedicated to investigating mechanisms of oxidative stress and inflammation in neurological disease.

Dr. D'Angelo earned her Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology at L'Aquila University, Italy, in 2008, focusing her studies on the neurotrophic effects of antioxidant nanoparticles in in Alzheimer disease (AD).

Dr. D'Angelo has been a visiting researcher at MRC Toxicology Unit, Leicester University, UK in 2009. Also, She has been a senior postdoc researcher at Gothenburg University, Sweden (2011-2015).

In a past collaboration with researchers at the Orlando University, Florida, Dr. D'Angelo proposed a nano-based therapeutic approach for AD, which is currently under the protection of a US patent.

Dr. D'Angelo has authored nearly 30 peer-reviewed publications. Her latest research demonstrated neuroprotective properties of K-3 inhibition in neonatal brain injury and to elucidate mechanisms of STAT3 activation in glial cells, as well as brain barrier dysfunction in mice subjected to hypoxia-ischemia insult at perinatal age.