Program Overview

Temple’s Department of Biology offers full-time graduate programs leading to Master’s (M.S.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees.  Our graduate program is research-intensive with all candidates required to write a thesis based on original research under the guidance of a self-chosen faculty member. The fields of inquiry of our diverse graduate faculty range from molecular biology, genetics, cellular biology and biochemistry to organismal and evolutionary biology and ecology.  For further information about research by individual faculty, please click on Research. Currently, we have approximately 30 graduate students enrolled in the program and, with our recent faculty expansion, are seeking new applicants to augment our accomplished graduate student community.

The average time for completing all MS requirements (including research thesis) is approximately 2 years, and approximately 5 years for the doctoral program.  Teaching assistantships for new graduate students are only offered to those who have been admitted to the Doctoral program.  Doctoral students are required to take 24 semester hours of formal class work (8 courses/seminars).