Seminar Schedule

All seminars are presented in room 234 in the Biology-Life Sciences building at3:00 unless specified. Refreshments available 15 minutes before the talk. Reception following.


Fall 2010 Schedule


Mondays, 3:00 PM, Room 234


September 20             Dr. Arjun Raj, Bioengineering Department, University of Pennsylvania                   
                                    Host:  Dr. Fred Biemar
                                    “Nature, nurture or just dumb luck: variability in gene expression underlies incomplete penetrance”

September 27             Dr. Adam Langley, Global Ecologist, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center
                                    Host:  Dr. Amy Freestone
“Tidal Marsh response to global change: holding ground with high water”

October 4                     Dr. Servio Ramirez, Dept. of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Temple University School of Medicine
                                    Host:  Dr. Joel Sheffield
                                    “Disruption of the Blood-Brain-Barrier during neuroinflammation”

October 11                   Dr. Nancy Pleshko. Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Temple University
                                    Host:  Dr. Jackie Tanaka
                                    “Infrared Imaging Studies of Connective Tissue Macromolecules”

October 18                   Dr. Amin S. Ghabrial, Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biology, Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
                                    Host:  Dr. Fred Biemar
                                    “Genetic dissection of how cells make and shape epithelial tubes”

October 25                   Dr. Benoit Van Aken, Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Temple University  
                                    Host:  Dr. Jackie Tanaka
                                    “Impact of Single PCB Congeners on a Soil Bacterial Community”
November 1                 Cancelled

November 8                 Dr. Rebecca Burdine, Dept. of Molecular Biology, Princeton University
                                    Host:  Dr. Ray Habas
                                    “Left-right asymmetry in Zebrafish: From cilia to morphogenesis”

November 15               Dr. Kenneth Zaret, Dept. of Cell & Developmental Biology, Univ. of Pennsylvania School of Medicine
                                    Host:  Dr. Ray Habas
                                    “Tissue Inductive Signaling in embryos-the pathway to chromatin”

November 22               Dr. Xavier Grana, Cancer Research & Molecular Biology, Temple University School of Medicine
                                    Host:  Dr. Daphne Georlette
                                    “Protein Phosphatase 2A (PP2A) opposes CDK inactivation of pRB proteins: Role during the cell cycle       and differentiation”


If you are interested in speaking with any of the speakers, please contact Demaris Watford, ext. 1-8851