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Undergraduates are encouraged to get involved in scientific research as part of their undergraduate experience. Most, if not all tenure track/tenured faculty members are open to providing undergraduates with research projects and experiences, as a volunteer, for course credit, or in some cases, with payment. So, explore these links and talk with your professors. More information on infrastructure, resources, and programs for this is provided here.

The departmental research program, which leads to Distinction in Major at graduation, is based on both grade point average and research participation. Students who complete the program present their work at a public poster session at the Department of Biology.

To be eligible for distinction, a student must retain a grade point average of 3.2 or better (overall and in the major); should register for Biology 4391 (Accelerated Research in Biology) or Biology 3481 (Extradepartmental Study) for a total of 6 sh over two semesters; and must write a final research paper and present his/her research at a departmental research poster session before graduation. A student, however, does not have to enroll in the distinction program in order to participate in departmental research. Other courses (Biology 3082, Independent Study, and Biology 3481, Extradepartmental Research) provide credit toward graduation and research experience, and are available to undergraduate students from their sophomore through their senior year. A student may register for Biology 3082 or Biology 3481 more than one semester. In all cases, permission of the faculty and application to the department Honors Committee is required before registering for research credits.

Temple University provides support for CST students engage in research projects with faculty on the main campus and at the School of Medicine through the Undergraduate Research Program, commonly known as URP. These research experiences often help students decide on career paths toward basic research, applied research or professional school. Many URP students are co-authors on scientific articles in top journals providing a boost to their post-college applications whether to industry or higher education.

The university offers programs for creative research as well as internship programs. Also, Temple has an NIH Maximizing Access to Research Careers undergraduate training program for qualified student which offers mentoring, research internships and financial support and the NSF-funded AMP program.

A number of scholarships and awards are provided for academic achievements as listed on the awards page below.

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