Undergraduate Advisors

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Joel Sheffield (for students whose surnames begin with A-M)

email: joel.sheffield@temple.edu

Evelyn Vleck (for students whose surnames begin with N-Z)

email: evleck@temple.edu

CST Office of Advising & Student Services

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Student Ombudsperson

The Biology Student Advisor/Ombudperson role is essentially two-fold, one functioning as a Student Advisor and the other as the Ombudsperson. As a student advisor, fellow students are guided with suggestions regarding course selection, career planning, and general information about the Biology Department. An ombudsperson acts as a student-faculty “go-between” to resolve any grievance. If there are any issues such as harassment between students or a conflict between student-faculty, the Ombudsperson is the first step in resolving these matters.

Rohan Umrani
office: BioLife Rm 159B
email: rohan.umrani@temple.edu